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Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On the key to the win tonight:

“Oh I thought that…for some reason these guys shoot the heck out of the ball against us. We were trying to take away the three’s and force them into you know the mid-range twos, and they made a ton of those, but I thought we did a good job of running them off the line or shooting contested ones…you know they got up 35 and made 10 so were pretty happy with that. I thought defensively we picked it up. From the last five minutes of the second quarter for the rest of the game, I thought we were pretty good defensively, even some of the tough shots that they made. And offensively I thought we did a good job, once again moving the basketball. You know 33 assists again. I thought we did a good job in cuts; I thought we did a good job of reading situations, especially when AD (Anthony Davis) had the ball and they tried to double him. I thought we had some good cuts. You know we had guys step up. With Jrue (Holiday) not here, we had to have guys step up. You know I think Ian (Clark) is playing really good basketball. I thought (Rajon) Rondo really closed the game great, and then Cheick (Diallo) continues to play great for us off the bench. So those are the kind of things you got to have at this stage to try and stay in the race.”

On the managing of the game tonight:

“Well pretty much so. You know we had to put AD probably back in a couple minutes…you know we were really trying to keep him under 34, try to keep him at 32 or something and we just…we held him as long as we could. And then we had to put him back. Most of the other numbers you are pretty good. You know E’Twaun (Moore) just had 35 minutes, which we were kinda forced into that because we needed him out there. You know we’ll meet here tomorrow, and once again you know we’ll line up. We’ll try to do a bit better job tomorrow of shortening consecutive minutes. I thought we did a pretty good job today and we used our timeouts strategically to kinda get rest in that fourth quarter. But you know we have to try to find a way to win the game. That’s the most important thing.”

Pelicans Forward Solomon Hill

On the Pelicans’ bench play tonight:

“People just stepped up. With Jrue (Holiday) out, Ian (Clark) did a great job for us on both ends of the court, he came out ready. That is all we can ask for, when one guy goes out, it is an opportunity for another guy showcase and go out there and play hard. Cheick (Diallo) is playing some really good basketball. Another double-double for him. That is huge in a game like that when we are fighting for our lives and every game matters.”

On guarding Harrison Barnes:

“I feel good. I think it was my first time coming out and from the start and having a matchup like that. I respect Harrison Barnes and what he does for his team. I just wanted to go out there and compete and do as much as I could for the team win.”

On how he is feeling after playing 11 minutes and if he can play more tomorrow:

“You know we will see. I always feel good after the game, but we will see tomorrow morning when I wake up and get back into the gym. The plan is to stay prepared and take every day serious to increase that minimum.”

Pelicans Guard Ian Clark

On his play tonight and his confidence:

“I am really confident. These guys in this locker room they give me the most confidence. They have been telling me to play my game and be aggressive. I just want to do anything I can to help this team.”

On what has changed with his game:

“I think it was just me being more comfortable. I really didn’t know where my shots would come from. Obviously playing with AD (Anthony Davis), he makes everything look so easy, so you want to feed him the ball all the time, but he encourages me to be aggressive and play my game and that is what I have been trying to do.”


Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis

On the Pelicans’ play tonight without Jrue Holiday:

“He is our second leading scorer, so with him gone and not on the floor, we need guys to step up. The second unit, Ian (Clark), Niko (Nikola Mirotić) and Cheick (Diallo) brought a lot of scoring mentality and energy. Once we got in that rhythm, we kind of forgot that Jrue was not playing. Of course we need him, he is a key component to our team and hopefully he gets well and he can play tomorrow, but guys just have to step up.

On the Pelicans’ bench tonight and the importance of their play over the last month:

“It is very important. Especially late in this stretch and you are playing so many minutes. When you come out, you either want to lead or be right there when the bench comes in. When we make those substitutions, we want the bench to come in and maintain the lead or give us the lead. They have been well all season and they are playing their butts off.”

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